Budsies vs Nounousi – Top Personalized Stuffed Animals Maker

Having a personalized stuffed animals made out from kids drawings is a great gift, it, not only, will makes your kids have something special and unique, but also increases their imagination and creativity, Nounousi, budsies alternative, is the best custom plush maker in the industry, but you’ve definitely heard of other companies, the reason why, we will be comparing between Budsies and nounousi, and have a quick overview on their pros and cons.

We totally get it, a personalized stuffed animals with a convenient price, and a good customer experience overall, is what everyone is looking for when buying a custom dolls, therefore, you need a proof on which plush maker is more convenient to you, the reason why, we will be helping you so you can pick the right one for you, without further ado, let’s get into it…


Nounousi and Budsies price :

The first thing you may be wondering about is Nounousi and Budsies price, Nounousi is charging 69.99 $ + Free worldwide shipping, while budsies cost you more than $ 115, which is very expensive for a custom dolls, so the winner in this first comparison is Nounousi.

Handling and Shipping :

the second thing you’ll definitely ask about is processing and shipping time, Nounousi can make and deliver the stuffed toy in between 1 – 3 weeks, while Budsie turnaround time is between 8 and 10 weeks, and that’s a very long time actually, looks like nounousi is still winning.

Custom dolls size :

Both companies make a 16 inches custom dolls, meanwhile, budsie can double the size for an extra $ 49.

Quality and warranty :

Both companies are here to provide a very good and high quality stuffed toy, and also can provide a full refund guaranteed if anything goes wrong.

Customer service :

Nounousi uses email form and live chat so you can get an instant reply to all your question, and solve all your problems, while you should send an email to budsies, then wait more than 24 hours to get a reply.

The winner is :

Based on this quick comparison, Nounousi is winning the battle, it is the right choice if you are looking for :

  • High quality products.
  • Cheap Personalized Stuffed Animals.
  • Fast handling and shipping process.
  • Giant custom dolls.
  • Awesome customer service.


Price $69,99 + free shipping $115 + Shipping cost
Custom dolls size 16 inches 16 inches
Handling and shipping 1-3 weeks 8-19 weeks
Customer service Faster Slow
Quality Good Good
Refund policy Yes Yes

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