5 Guidelines For Selecting Developmentally Appropriate Toys

We all know that kids are really attached to toys, but do you know that certain toys may be hazardous too ?… The USA consumer product safety commission CPSC recently announced: more than 280 000 injuries between 1-3 and 3-5 were treated in hospital back in 2017 because of their hazardous toys, which is a serious problem that, unfortunately, few people are talking about,  the reason why we are writing this article about guidelines for selecting developmentally appropriate toys, and that’s where safety requirements for children’s toys comes in.

5 Guidelines For Selecting Developmentally Appropriate Toys in 2019 :

In order to reduce the percentage of chemicals that can harm your child, such as azocolourants, chromium, nonylphenol and more, big toys companies, like LEGO, are willing to change the raw material they are using with something safer, but this will take them a longer time to do so. on the other hand, “nounousi” company has already take into consideration these guidelines for selecting developmentally appropriate toys, and worked really hard to offer a high quality custom stuffed toys for a better customer experience.


Knowing the right safety requirements for children’s toys is an important responsibility, in fact, majority of available toys in the markets may lead to a serious health problems, which is obviously undesirable, that’s why, we are having 5 guidelines for selecting developmentally appropriate toys in 2019, not only for 1-3 year olds, but also 3-5 year olds, since this category have the most injuries according to CPSC…

1 – Have the right toy for your child : the number one toy safety guidelines is this, as it’s very important, you should always get suitable toys for your kids, a small action figure toy for example, can harm a kid who still puts toys in his mouth, which may not be a good idea, projectiles toys are also not good ones to get for a kid under 4 years old, the reason why Nounousi toy can be a good one for everyone, since the company make custom stuffed animals from drawings, your kids can draw anything they like, and the company turn it into stuffed toy, which may not only be fun, but also can develop your child’s imagination and creativity.

2 – Always buy with fabric and wooden toys : contrary to plastic toys, fabric and wooden toys are safer, especially unfinished wood and anti-allergen fabrics with certified non-toxic organic cotton, the reason why nounousi picks the right raw materiel.

3 – Stay away from toys with magnets : many manufactures uses magnets in toys, the problem is that kids could swallow these magnets, which may lead to an infection, according to consumer product safety commission, more than 20 serious health problem cases were kids who swallowed magnets, back in 2010, that’s why CPSC always recommend not buying toys with magnets for kids under 14 years old.

4 – Try to know what the toy’s made of : here are some hazardous chemicals that can harm your child : aniline, azocolourants, cadmium, chromium, bisphenol, nonylphenol, organotin compounds, phthalates, all those can disrupt reproductive and hormone system, disrupt brain development, causes cancer and even more.

5 – Always choose toys with a positive effects : nowadays, many companies are combining between fun and educational toys, it’s always great to see your child learning skills while playing and having fun, that’s what you always should consider when buying a brand new toys, regarding this, we already recommended 5 unusual best toys for kids,