…back in 2013, and When I was in university, we had to create a startup in collaboration with MA junior achievement company, which is a non-profit organization that engages the private sector to the youth to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs. So, it was about creating innovative startup ideas, then participate in local and regional competition.

…After a section of brainstorming, it was the birth time of “making stuffed toy from kids drawing”, everyone was like: “Yeah! It’s a great idea, this can improve kid’s imagination and creativity, fantastic!” …, I also fell in love with the idea, and I had a feeling that we will win the competition, and without any further ado, we start working on it …

I was the marketing director of the startup, and because I believe in this idea, I did everything it takes to promote it and make it happen, and yeah! I’ve achieved my goals, but suddenly, my classmates wanted to quit, and I have nothing to do about that…

But I was always dreaming to bring this idea to life, during the last 4 years, I was studying and working hard to get money to start the startup, and here I go, trying to launch my Nounousi business and make my dream come true.

Nounousi is an innovative idea in which we will turn kids drawings into a stuffed toy, which means, we will be making plush toy that 100% looks like the drawings of kids (customers), same colors and same dimensions…

Mission :
Is to bring life to kid’s drawings, we will be changing the outlook to stuffed toys…

Vision :
A leading company in the  world that makes kids improve their creativity, imagination, and make them happy.

Value :
Making it happen NO matter what!


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