How it all started...

Nounousi is here to refine kid’s artistry, making a custom stuffed animal from their drawings will make them unique and nurture their creativity and imagination,

My name is Yassine A. CEO of Nounousi, and this is how it came to life.

…back in 2013, and When I was studying at the university, we had to create a startup in collaboration with MA junior achievement organization, which is a non-profit organization that engages the private sector to the youth to contribute to the emergence of a new generation of entrepreneurs. So, it was about creating innovative startup ideas, then participate in local and regional competition.

…After a section of brainstorming, it was the birth time of “making custom dolls from kids drawings”, everyone was like: “Yeah! It’s a great idea, this can improve kid’s imagination and creativity, fantastic!” …, I also fell in love with the idea, and I had a feeling that this could be the right idea for my future startup.

I was the startup marketing director back then, and because I believe in this idea, I did everything it takes to promote it and make it happen, and yeah! I’ve achieved my goals,… but suddenly, my classmates wanted to quit, as they were not interested in it nor in competition itself, and I have nothing to do about that… 😔 !!

But I was always dreaming to bring this idea to life, during the 4 years, I was studying and working hard to launch the startup, and here I am, finally running my Nounousi business and making my dream come true.

A. Yassine
CEO & Founder